Handy homework hints for teachers

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I have yet to meet a parent or student who feels excited about doing extra school work in the afternoons. Homework has been a contentious issue for some time now. Some schools believe that homework adds great value to the learning experience, while others do not approve of homework.

If your school offers a homework programme, then this blog is for you! 

Consider the following helpful hints:

  • Ask why… is there purpose to this task? How will it enhance learning in class? Can my student work on this independently?
  • Less is more. Homework can become a chore and learning is lost. Choose to assign bite-sized manageable tasks which are age and ability appropriate.
  • Don’t assign new knowledge– seek to practice root knowledge skills. Your student should be able to practice those essential building blocks which will make the application to relevant new knowledge so much easier in the classroom.
  • Use a platform that makes creating and assigning homework easy for you, the teacher!
  • Differentiation is important. Use a platform that allows you to assign homework to individual students, groups or whole class and according to student interest and learning levels.
  • Add a step-by-step ‘how to’ video or written instructions to the homework tasks that need an extra boost. Parents can watch the video and understand the expectations better, leading to greater and more positive parental involvement and support.
  • Make sure you use a platform that informs parents and guardians of homework and allows them to check off work that is complete. This must be easy-peasy for parents.
  • Use a platform that has self-marking features. Feedback to your student is vital. “My teacher has seen my work and is proud of my efforts.”  “This is where I can improve- I will give it a go!”
  • Use generous comments in your feedback to students. Celebrate progress and encourage a growth mindset.  WOW! FANTASTIC! PROUD OF YOU! Your students will keep coming back for me.