How to inspire your students

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Six easy-to-implement ways of being an inspiration to your students.

To become inspired, we need to inspire others. Remember that what we teach others, we teach ourselves. Imagine, then, the benefits of being an inspiration to your students.  It is a win-win in that, what you give to your students, you will receive for yourself!

As teachers we tend to forget that we wish to be happy, joyful and inspired as much as we want this for our students. So, who could be a greater source of inspiration to your students in their learning and behavioural choices at school than you, the teacher?

When you are inspired, you will find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. You will want to become a source of inspiration for others-and most especially- for your students. Living from a place of inspiration will result in a life where there are no limitations to what you could achieve. Love, joy and peace will become the building blocks on which you create possibilities, meaning and purpose. You do not need  much to become an inspiration to your students (or others). You need only be human, with a willingness to give to others the inspiration you wish for yourself!

Inspired people:

  • Stay detached from the negative opinions of others
  • Seek positive solutions to challenges and obstacles
  • Are self-aware, self-motivated and are able to positively manage their emotions
  • Are more productive, enthusiastic and passionate
  • Seek ways to be of service to others-joyfully and without expectations of reward
  • Inspire others

Consider these six easy-to-implement ways to inspire your students:

  1. Inspiration through kindness.  Random acts of kindness- a gentle word of encouragement, helping someone in need, a friendly greeting, helping an animal-will inspire you and your students in ways you cannot imagine!
  2. Inspiration through gratitude.  Make it a daily habit to voice what you are grateful for. Take a look at your life—yes you have difficulties, hurts and challenges—but look deeper.  Teach your students the powerful gift of gratitude. Why not have them work in a personal gratitude journal each morning? Gratitude changes the way we view ourselves and others.
  3. Inspiration through generosity. Find ways to be generous.  Giving of your love, joy, time and compassion are beautiful ways to inspire your students to do the same.
  4. Inspiration through listening. Listen to understand, without having the need to interrupt or negatively impact the trust you want to build with your students. Inspire your students to listen, without judgement to others as you do with them.
  5. Inspiration through being peaceful. Find ways to teach yourself to seek peace in your life.  Yoga, meditation, exercise, reading uplifting books—whatever it takes.  There is no greater gift than peace!
  6. Inspiration through passion. Being excited about life is infectious. Voice your excitement for positive progress in your student’s lives-no matter how small- and seek to find positive growth points in your own.

You need to BE inspired to inspire others.  What you teach your students, you teach yourself.  It is a win-win for all!