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Kollide: A process driven education platform

Happy teacher in online class — The Online Learning Platform for Busy Teachers & Parents

Kollide: A process driven education platform

The Challenges We’re Facing

At Kollide, we believe that all children can learn given the right circumstances. Children are under increasing pressure to perform academically. Meanwhile teachers and parents find themselves struggling to find the time and energy to provide the learning support that students need to achieve their potential. Coupled with this are emotional and social challenges that often leave our children feeling less capable than they really are.

Students who require extra support most often have to leave the classroom to receive learning support and, as a result, they find themselves feeling less capable than their peers and, worse, not good enough. Their self-esteem erodes and they may find themselves spiralling downhill instead of achieving the well-intended outcomes of the support that they need.

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Father and son on online class — The Online Learning Platform for Busy Teachers & Parents

Tailored Remediation & Learning Support

With Kollide’s tried and tested, skills-based remediation and learning support programmes, teachers are able to provide individualised lessons which are specifically tailored to each student’s immediate learning needs. Teachers can provide structured learning support in the classroom, easily and effectively. Students no longer need to be removed from the classroom and they no longer need to feel ‘less’ or ‘different’.

Our remediation and learning support programmes focus on English (comprehension skills, language skills, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure skills, as well as creative writing skills and ESOL language skills) and Maths (general maths skills, mental maths skills, problem-solving skills and classroom mathematics). Each strand is independently adjustable to ensure that students benefit from a tailor-made programme which will help them achieve success and confidence in their learning.